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TEKJO is a privately owned Limited Company registered in JORDAN.  In a short spell of time the company has established it self ...



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At TEKJO, we strive to lead in the creation, development of services in the most advanced information technologies, including...



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Satellite & Broadband Communications


       Blue Coat Appliances


Blue Coat provides a family of intelligent appliances, along with a suite of powerful software applications, that work together to give IT organizations the ability to effectively control security and performance for all users and applications


  Chip PC & VMware VDI Solution  
  Chip PC provides full support of the VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
solution with Chip PC thin clients and management software.
Chip PC is capable, via its management software Xcalibur Global, of controlling
the access to virtual machines without any third party software tools and
offers a one-stop brokering and access point to virtual machines.
Connectivity to VMware Virtual Center:
Xcalibur Global provides VDI brokering without the need for a thirdparty
broker and enables the following functions:
Desktops Pool: pool virtual or actual desktops into groups thus
making it possible to randomly assign machines to users
Manage Virtual Machines status: connect to the VMware Virtual Center
and manage VM status (Stop/Start/Pause/Resume, etc)
Wake Virtual Machines on the fly: when connecting to a Virtual Machine
that is in standby send a wake-up command to it.

Chip PC Products
Xcalibur Global is policy-based management software designed for controlling scalable environments
supporting as many as thousands of devices & users. Offering an MMC-based Interface, it provides fault
tolerance, speed and ease of management. Xcalibur Global maps the logical organizational structure -
reflected by the Active Directory - and the physical company layout - represented by the Xcalibur
Farm. This flexibility makes it possible to apply company-wide management rules while considering
network infrastructure limitations. Highly secured, it leverages Windows security by authenticating
thin client users in front of the Active Directory.

Jack PC patented technology enables converting a standard LAN Jack into a fully
managed desktop, offering VDI support and connectivity to any type of popular Terminal,
Citrix or Legacy server. Models include VGA as well as DVI video supporting Dual Display
The Jack PC can be fitted into wall, floor or furniture and is secured behind the
faceplate thus eliminating exposure to damage, disconnection or theft.
The Jack PC is designed to be powered by standard Power-over-Ethernet and
can also be powered externally.
Its deployment and maintenance are a real plug-and-play solution with
Xcalibur Global management software.
Xtreme PC thin clients range from basic, cost-effective to advanced
models; featuring high security, extensive local functionality, wide
selection of software plug-ins and top remote management.
Chip PC thin clients are built around patented cold architecture
for highest reliability and longest service life.
Being the most secure, modular, and manageable thin client,
it offers VDI support and connectivity to any type of popular
Terminal, Citrix or Legacy server. High security models offer
built-in PC/SC PKI Smart Card reader and Fiber Optic
network support. Advanced video options are provided
by DVI models supporting multi-displays and widedisplays.
With great performance, high security and easy
deployment and management, Chip PC thin
clients are the thin-clients-of-choice for
companies around the world.
VSAT Technology

VSAT Technology: The latest generation of VSAT technology represented by the Skystar 180, the Verizon 360E architecture and the fully DVB-RCS compliant Alcatel/EMS system.
    Remote Sensing
 Oil pipeline monitoring
 Rail Management
 Infrastructure Planning
 Forest Fire Prevention
 Urban Planning
 Flood and Storm watches
 Air  Pollution management



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