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TEKJO is a privately owned Limited Company registered in JORDAN.  In a short spell of time the company has established it self ...



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At TEKJO, we strive to lead in the creation, development of services in the most advanced information technologies, including...



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Defense Customized Communication Solutions



       Blue Coat Appliances


Blue Coat provides a family of intelligent appliances, along with a suite of powerful software applications, that work together to give IT organizations the ability to effectively control security and performance for all users and applications


  Fundamentals of the Operational Concept  
  • Building several tight circles of detection and identification for early warning
  • Allowing advance interception of targets
  • Interception of targets will be executed by dedicated forces



  Implementation Methodology
  • Setting the operational policy for motivating the legal border crossing through border passages
  • Itemizing Border physical obstacles:

    -Adopted to local threats
    -Accompanied by multi-disciplinary
    -technological means
  • Deployment of reacting forces
    Adaptation of integrated operational patterns including unexpected and non- routine behavior




VSAT Technology

•VSAT Technology: The latest generation of VSAT technology represented by the Skystar 180, the Verizon 360E architecture and the fully DVB-RCS compliant Alcatel/EMS system.
    Remote Sensing
• Oil pipeline monitoring
• Rail Management
• Infrastructure Planning
• Forest Fire Prevention
• Urban Planning
• Flood and Storm watches
• Air  Pollution management



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