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TEKJO is a privately owned Limited Company registered in JORDAN.  In a short spell of time the company has established it self ...



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At TEKJO, we strive to lead in the creation, development of services in the most advanced information technologies, including...



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       Blue Coat Appliances


Blue Coat provides a family of intelligent appliances, along with a suite of powerful software applications, that work together to give IT organizations the ability to effectively control security and performance for all users and applications


  Devices & systems for security of seaports  
Outline for checking trucks/ shipping containers which includes:
Program for identifying vehicles and containers by license plate recognition/Optical character recognition.
Screening machine- containers/ vehicles
Interface program between vehicles/ screening containers and vehicles.
Devices for handling suspicious objects (Robots, damage equipment and etc):
oceanic radar
Thermal cameras outline with an option for tracking suspicious objects.
Detectors arrays for the coverage of the seaport's perimeter.
Entry control system
Electronic alert fence   
Devices for discovery of explosive material –ion collectors and hand held explosive detection devices. 
Chemical kit for discovery of explosive material
Radiation detection gates (against dirty bombs smuggling)
Security check up points  
Video photography system for under vehicle check
A tank for evacuation of suspicious objects 
CCTV system + digital recording system 
Computerized system for suspicious vehicles by:
Car plates (License plate recognition)
Car sort 
Car color
Check up pit + lifting vehicle device
Tools kit  for cars check
Tractor for down loading merchandise
Control room
VSAT Technology

•VSAT Technology: The latest generation of VSAT technology represented by the Skystar 180, the Verizon 360E architecture and the fully DVB-RCS compliant Alcatel/EMS system.
    Remote Sensing
• Oil pipeline monitoring
• Rail Management
• Infrastructure Planning
• Forest Fire Prevention
• Urban Planning
• Flood and Storm watches
• Air  Pollution management



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